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Years of succesfull experience

About Us

10 years ago Sr. Miranda Studios was founded by its CEO & Director Enrique Miranda Madinyá.

With a 26 year career in the AudioVisual Industry he has filmed all over Ecuador, New York, Miami, London, Manchester, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay; exporting its projects to all of Latam, Central America, the United States and Europe.

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Celebrating our 10th Anniversary.

- Sr. Miranda Studios



Photographic Production

We have been awarded at the Best Photography Festivals in the World both in London, Moscow and Tokyo.

Our Production



With our 26-year experience and more than 422 projects produced, we continue to work for the best brands and agencies; enhancing the final result working as a team with our clients.


We adapt to all modern formats and digital languages ​​that our clients require to communicate their strategies. Understanding that consumers are looking for brand experience.

Production Service

We film in all regions and cities of Ecuador and we have filmed in New York, Miami, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, London, Manchester and we have partners to be able to film in Central America, the United States, UK, Mexico, Europe and Turkey.

Photographic Production

All our experience to film, with the best casting, the best locations, art, costumes and production design; In addition to having the best local and international photographers Book, we complement the audio-visual requirement with the best Photographic Production for our Clients.

Production services in:

All stages of production are very important. Capturing the process of how we shoot is very valuable because we realize all the teamwork and how we invest the resources and production values ​​to achieve a great project

we love behind the scenes, we share some of them #BetterTogether